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Highly Effective Opioid Dependence Treatment in Moody

For highly effective opioid dependence treatment as well as chronic pain management, you can always count on Complete Pain Care in Moody, AL. Opioid dependency can derail your life.The cravings and the withdrawal symptoms can lead to unnecessary suffering and anxiety. While opioids have been used to effectively treat pain, thousands of people develop an addiction to them every year. This addiction can severely affect your quality of life as well as negatively impact your relationships.


Headed by Dr. Reginald M. Smith, our clinic specializes in treating opioid dependence with the drug Suboxone. Through our Suboxone treatment, patients can overcome addiction, and return to independence and peace of mind. We closely work with each patient, providing thorough and efficient care.

Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain can have a huge impact on the physical and mental well-being of an individual. Constant pain can make even day-to-day activities a huge task. We believe every patient deserves the best medical care to overcome the pain. Our clinic uses advanced treatment options to eliminate chronic pain or make it more manageable. We are committed to helping those who are going through chronic pain. Once a patient comes to our clinic, we identify the source of the pain and develop a comprehensive treatment plan that will bring the best results.

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Are you suffering from opioid dependence? Do you want to get rid of constant pain? We offer effective and reliable treatments that can help you get your life back on tract. Call us now for immediate help!

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